Synthetic Life (Demo 2014)

by Cist

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Line Up:

Vitaly Lushchenkov - Vocals
Nick Komshukov - Guitar
Stas Salnikov - Bass
Mick Shapovalov - Drums


Synthetic life

I've seen the end of normal human-beings
Who faced the top of new technology
No more blood is flowing through their bodies
They think they live but in fact
They are just some walking dead


Synthetic life, it's so pathetic
Dehumanized, existence's only
Lies (3x)


Progress of perverted mind
Latent genocide
Organic forms are dying out
Replaced with synthetic ones

All their organs are maintained by the implants
And their thoughts are controlled by microchips
Their food is pills and so are emotions
The perfect slaves for the superior ones

I've seen the creatures stripped of their senses
All those who lost ability to breed
After they die their corpses are dismantled
To be recycled like a waste




released August 17, 2014



all rights reserved


Cist Smolensk, Russia

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